[Pre-order] Gain 3rd Mini Album ‘Truth or Dare’


Track List:

1. 진실 혹은 대담
2. Fxxk U
3. Q&A
4. Black & White
5. 폭로
6. A Tempo (Inst.)

Hi fellow Singapore Everlastings, Gain is back with her new mini album ‘Truth or Dare’.

We will be taking in orders for her 3rd mini album.

The price of one album will be at $17 inclusive of shipping. The albums will be counted in the Hanteo Charts so please do give her support! =D

For those who are interested in purchasing please email us at BEGSingapore@gmail.com indicating the following

1) Name:

2) Number of copies:

We will email you the details. Closing date would be on 9th February 6pm 7th Feburary 6pm instead. Due to the tight deadline, we seek your understanding and cooperation.

Let’s give our full support to her!~^^

Thank you =)



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[Eng Text Translation] BTS interview with Ga-in for Show Luo’s ‘Cast the Net of Love’ MV

Show Luo’s ‘Cast the Net of Love’ MV Behind the Scenes.


Interview with Ga-in starts from 17:02

Show : My impression of her was from the program  ‘We Got Married’  because I found her very cute in the show. I felt that this is also the reason why it attracted viewers to continue watching the show. I have also watched her performance on stage and I think that she is really good in front of cameras and her stage charisma is wonderful too.

Ga-In : In the beginning  when I heard I would be filming a MV with Senior Show , I went onto the internet to search some information about him. I found out that Show has a lot of Korean fans and also there were also a lot of articles about him.  From there I knew that he is really good in dancing. Now that I have seen him in real life, I got a shocked because he looks so much more handsome in real life than the pictures. He is also very stylish and he is really handsome in real life.

Show : Actually I felt out collaboration was very awkward because we were too quiet. So I brought up the courage and asked her , ‘Do you know how to speak English?’ She replied that she knows a little so I asked her again . ‘Do you know how to speak Japanese?’ and she replied a little and I was like ‘YES!’ finally we have a form of communication which is in Japanese. From that moment, it got my mood up and the collaboration went very smoothly. I felt that if we have no interactions during our collaboration, we will feel very awkward therefore I felt that it is very important to have a common form of communication as it would allow us to be closer together.

Ga-In :  I felt the same way too. For the MV filming we will have a lot of skinship therefore if the guy feels very awkward, the girl will not be able to express well also. Although it is the first meeting and we were required to film very imitate scenes, I felt that Show took the lead very well. It makes me feel as though he is someone whom I knew for a long time therefore during filming there was no awkwardness but instead I felt very relax and I enjoyed it very much.

Ga-In : My feelings tells me that he have a lot of dating experience and also a lot of Girlfriends before.

Show : ah eh~ I feel very warm now.

Ga-In : *chuckles* However I feel that this type of guys are very charming and sexy.



Ga-In : In ‘We Got Married” , Kwonnie felt more like a little brother to me and we get along well and I feel very relax. Furthermore we filmed this show for quite a period of time so our chemistry is very good. However the gaze as compared to it being the charismatic style I felt that it is more towards the a relaxing style.

As for Show Luo, he is very manly and sexy more like having a beastly feeling. I feel a large portion of girls will like Show Luo this type of guys.

Qns to Show : Do you like someone like Ga-in who has a great figure and dances very well?

Show : Actually I watched a lot of their(BEG) stages from the different kpop channels shown in Taiwan and the surprising thing is that I will unknowingly notice her in the performance. Regardless of her gaze or her expression, she has this charm which makes people take notice of her.

At the beginning of our collaboration , actually I do felt a little shy and nervous because I am worried about  what should I do to make her feel more relax. As we only have got two days to film the MV, we very little time to achieve the feeling needed in the MV.

It is actually pretty stressful to film the intimate scenes because we have do not know each other beforehand so we could rely on professionalism when facing this situation. So I am really happy to hear her opinion about me.

In the beginning, I find that she is very cool but after collaborating I think she is very beautiful when she smiles. But I think the main reason for her popularity is that she gives out this bad girl feel but when she smiles, her smile is s sweet. This is my findings for collaborating with her for two days.


Ga-In : The way he describes is not  the cool feeling but more like a bad girl feeling?

Show : nono It’s more like *shows expression at 22:05*

Show : More like someone whom we cannot guess what is she actually thinking about

Ga-In : *laughs* oh really(jinja)?

Show : Jinja Jinja Jinja~


Qns : Can Show Luo introduce to her some of the nice places to play and eat?

Show : Actually I did invite them to a hot pot restaurant which I frequent because Koreans love to eat spicy food.

Ga-In : After the filming last night, he did ask what I want to eat so I replied that I want to try hot pot so he introduced several famous hot pot store. After eating, when we asked for the bill, we realized that Show Luo has actually footed the bill.  The staffs and I were very touched by his thoughtfulness and gentlemen act.


Even right now in order to coordinate with me he got to stand in an ‘eight’ style. These are some of his very thoughtful acts which make me feel that he is an elegant demeanor guy.


*Translator translated what gain said to show luo.

Ga-In : “If I knew I would eat something more expensive!”

*Translator translated what Ga-In said and they burst into laughter.

Show : Because I felt that as a host I got to make sure my guest feels comfortable here. So I treat her to a meal even though I couldn’t make it to have a meal together with her but I feel that as a guy I should be generous to make her feel happy during her stay in Taipei. I am the ambassador too.

-Show teaching Ga-In some Chinese sentences-

1) Where can I get delicious food?

2) This is too expensive!

The 3rd one is in Korean : Give me the bill


Ga-In : He is a very humourous guy, it’s fun working with him.




Please do take out with full credits to BEG_SG 


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How to help Brown Eyed Girls through SNS

1. YouTube – 40% (Views – 70%, Comments – 20%, Likes – 10%)

2. Twitter – 25%   (Search – 40%, Mentions – 30%, Retweet – 30%)

3. Me2day – 20%

4. Facebook – 15%

Hope this helps~ ^^


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[Pre-order] Brown Eyed Girls 5th Album ‘Black Box’


Track List :

1. After Club
2. 날아갈래 I’m Going to fly
4. Boy
5. Satisfaction
6. Mystery Survivor
7. 거짓말이야 Lies
8. Recipe
9. Good fellas

Hi fellow Singapore Everlastings, our long awaited wait is over. Brown Eyed Girls are back in action with their new album ‘Black Box’.

We will be taking in orders for their 5th album, as this is our first time taking in orders we seek your kind understanding and cooperation.

The price of one CD will be at $14  inclusive of shipping. The CDs will be counted in the Hanteo Charts so please do give the girls support! =D

For those who are interested in purchasing please email us at BEGSingapore@gmail.com  indicating the following


2)Number of copies:

We will email you the details. Closing date would be 28th july 6pm.

Let’s give our full support to the girls!~^^

Thank you =)

Close orders. Thank you 🙂



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130524 KPOP Dream Concert in Genting

Day 2 KPOP Dream Concert in Genting





Jea3 JEA5 JEA6



Gain1 Gain2 Gain3 Gain4





dsc00113 12 22 33 42 52 82 91 111 121 20130524_220414 20130524_220625 dsc00072 dsc00089-copy dsc00094-copy dsc00109-copy

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Jea’s Blog : Malaysia


Malaysia concert

Very happyㅎ

After the performance (, I’m) down with nothing to do

Resort at Genting highlands… hehe ㅋㅋ


This look is (for) ㅋㅋ

Second day

Look while preparing for concertㅋㅋ

Lovely (?!)


Doesn’t match with (my) outfit

Selca-ing while complainingㅋㅋ



Hair step keep staying pretty

Even though (I) tried convincing

In the end it

Still spread out…

Because of charisma


Dripping with charisma.. ㅋㅋ

If it isn’t so then forget it hehe


Nostrils selcaㅋ


Wearing yellow ㅋㅋ

There isn’t anything to do here

Really (,) ‘croissant’ is the best food here

Eating fully.. watching US drama.. taking selcas ㅋㅋ



Very very pretty shorts hehe

Recently (,)  iro shorts and T-shirt

(im) addicted to ~

Seems like it suits my body ㅋ


A little plump and swollen…

Going to eat croissant ㅋㅋ

On my way  ㅎ


Flowery dressㅎ

Only when going overseas

Then (I) can wear so flowery

Even though (I) wished to take photos of the scenery here

홍홍 ㅠㅠ

Because the weather isn’t very good


Anyways (,) my plump and a little swollen face

Very pleased (to meet you all) ㅋㅋ


Ecobridge new song is out

Jjang Jjang (and) very nice

Everyone got listen to it

Comment on after thoughts~~ ^^

=Credit我只是只ELT =

=Chi-Eng Trans by BEG_SG=

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